Challenging Development of Package Printing and Processing Technologies

Original printing and processing technologies including embossing and matte processing

Gorgeous and Precise Embossing

To ensure that your products will be selected by customers from among the many competing products on display, it is important not only to have copy and descriptive text that conveys the attractions of the product to the maximum extent, but also to have a package design that attracts the customers' attention.
To achieve this, we have established high precision embossing technologies powered by original technologies.
Incorporating these into package designs can give customers an even greater impact.

  • The embossing expressions can be realized at the same time in the die cutting process.
  • Embossing across edges is possible, allowing for a wider variety of designs.
  • Improved varnish processing enables special decorative expressions.
  • Various expressions can be added through the selective use of coated papers.
  • As a matter of course, the high printing quality for pharmaceutical product packaging is used.
  • The processing technologies including coated papers, embossing, varnish, and foil stamping create packaging with even better shapes, texture, and designs.

Ultra EK Coat Embossing

This provides a raised impression similar to screen printing. In addition to saving on time and costs, it expresses a similar sense of high quality.

Embossing has realized a raised silkscreen-type impression. In terms of cost, conducting the embossing at the same time as the die cutting can lower the cost of the embossing process. Using combination technology with Ultra EK Coating utilizing two types of varnish, a sense of even greater depth and high quality can be expressed.

Embossing across edges is also supported. Because special attention is not necessary for the edges, a wider variety of designs can be available.

Embossing and Special Pearl Coated Paper

This processing combines embossing with pearl coated paper.
The distinctive gloss of the pearl coated paper and the embossing enhance the sense of high quality.

Special pearl coated paper is a synthetic paper which appears to shine like pearl. When this paper is printed on, the pearly expression creates a softly glittering atmosphere.

When embossing is applied on a pearl coated printed object with it's high quality texture, three-dimensional contrasts of light and darkness are added to printed matters leaving an even longer-lasting impression.

Patterned PK Coat Embossing

This creates patterned designs using varnish.
Various patterns can be expressed using varnish.

This prints a series of repeated patterns to give the background a three-dimensional effect. Representations can be freely created, ranging from geometrical designs to natural lines.

The photograph sample shows printing that has been done on silver synthetic paper using this method. Depending on the direction of the light, the pattern appears embossed, creating an impression like a simple hologram.

Rich Matte Expression

It is important for packaging not only to have an attractive appearance but also to be appealing to feelings.
By using special varnish, a new sensation matte processing technology has been established.

Velvet NK Coating

Using special varnish, matte expression with distinctively supple texture is realized.
By also utilizing foil stamping, a sense of even higher quality can be produced.

Using special varnish which gives a soft texture allows customers to enjoy distinctively tactile sensation.

When foil is added to the matte varnish with its supple and refined atmosphere, a stylish expression with a sophisticated Japanese modern style can be realized.

Velvet FK Coating

In this coating, special matte film pasting is applied.
It realizes an even more supple texture than the NK Coating.

A matte supple texture of the finest quality is expressed.

The film coating has the characteristic of being resistant to scratches. Gold or silver foil can also be applied. The glittering foil gives further enhanced expression.

Ultra EK Coating

Applying two types of varnish can create detailed representations of both glossy texture and rough texture, so that a decorative effect with a non-glossy refined impression is obtained.

The distinctive textures are represented by using two types of varnish.

Being extremely resistant to wear, an expression with a sense of high quality can be realized at a lower cost than film processing.

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