We are a Printing Company that Challenges New Frontiers.

The Kowabo Co., Ltd. Printing Business Division is a printing company that challenges new frontiers.
As a printing company, in addition to developing our in-house printing and processing technologies, we constantly strive to challenge creation of new business.

We are currently tackling the following four challenges.

  • Package printing resulting from original printing and processing technological development
  • Printing of soft packaging materials using UV flexographic printing
  • Import business of products such as ornamental boxes and pouches utilizing certified factories located overseas
  • "Total package" business proposed by a printing company

The Printing Business Division has accumulated know-how centered on pharmaceutical and foodstuff packaging in its factories many years. Based on this know-how, we will continue to challenge new fields ranging from "paper carton package printing" to "soft packaging material printing", "overseas production", and "total package business".
To delight our customers, we always remain aware of "cost" and propose quality products. We have acquired ISO 9001 certification.

Corporate Vision

In the history of more than 100 years since its founding in 1894, the Kowa Group has developed a variety of businesses in a wide range of countries and regions based both on the steady spirit of manufacturing and the challenging spirit of enterprise which always captures the changing times. We aim to pursue the happiness of people throughout the world and realize their healthy and prosperous living.

Quality Policy

We shall be awafre of clients' needs, and shall continue to supply products that satisfy our clients.

To achieve this, we shall promote the following activities:

  • We shall strive to understand customer needs relating to quality, costs, delivery, technology, etc.
  • We shall quickly analyze clients' claims and shall strive to prevent re-occurrences.
  • We shall build a quality management system through the originality and ingenuity and active participation by all our staffs, and shall strive to make continual improvements.
  • We shall actively promote quality improvement activities, and shall resolve problems through the participation of all our staffs.

Organizational Skills that Create High Quality

Kowabo Co., Ltd. Printing Business Division is the organization which mainly engages in the manufacture and sales of packaging materials.
To enable the manufacturing and selling of high quality materials relating to pharmaceutical, healthcare and other products within Kowa Group and requested by customers outside the Group, Printing Business Division consists of Manufacturing and Development Department which conducts printing and processing, Quality Assurance Department that implements quality control and quality assurance, Sales Department which is in charge of activities from materials order receiving and progress management to delivery, and Administration Department that conducts accounting and labor management.

Advanced Clean Facilities

In the Production Building of the Printing Business Division, the temperature, humidity, and between-room pressure difference control is appropriately administered. This improves quality by preventing dust and blemishes and the mixing of foreign substances to allow the production of safe and clean products. The work rooms are separated according to the production processes of printing, die cutting, and folding and gluing, and each has its temperature and humidity maintained appropriately. In the Production Building, workers are subjected to air showers after putting on their work clothes and hair nets as they enter the room to prevent invasion of dirt and dust.
We have acquired ISO 9001 certification, and are promoting activities to further improve the degree of satisfaction of our clients based on the incorporation of quality measures into the processes.

Automatic shutters with interlocksAutomatic shutters with interlocks
Temperature and humidity controlTemperature and humidity control
Atmospheric pressure controlAtmospheric pressure control
Air showers Air showers

From Planning Proposals to Printing and Delivery

1Design proposals

The Design Team proposes to you.

Automated drafting system (Computer-aided design system)

Order receiving
(business discussion and meeting)

The Tokyo and Nagoya sales staffs follow through on orders from the planning stage.

Order receiving(business discussion and meeting)


The sales staff and Planning Section cooperate to produce the designs you wish for.


4Printing plates

High quality printing plates are output directly from the input data. Problems in the data are strictly checked prior to paper printout using plates printouts and visual inspections of the printing plates.

CTP system


UV offset printing press

The facilities consist of a total of three printing presses including a 7-color UV offset press with varnish coaters in addition to one surface processing press. Our paper surface inspection machine does not overlook any small surface blemishes, missing character parts, or damaged and hard-to-read characters on the paper surface.

UV offset printing press (7-color with varnish coaters)
UV flexographic printing press

The 8-color UV flexographic printing press for printing soft packaging materials enables high quality and finer precision reproduction. In addition, by using processes such as cold foiling and pseudo-embossing, the design variations increase, allowing us to offer packaging materials that were not previously available.

UV flexographic printing press


Inspections of printed products for blemishes and defects and missing character parts are implemented precisely at high speed.

Automatic inspection machine (partial view)

7Die cutting

The twin die cutting stations implement die cutting, blanking, and stripping processing in one path, increasing the production efficiency and realizing high quality.

Die cutter

8Folding and gluing

The folding and gluing machine is provided with a bar code reading device, and checks the bar codes printed on the packages. Monitoring using advanced systems and the double checks by dedicated staff before box filling prevents mixing of foreign substances and different product types.

Folding and gluing machine

Factory Facilities

  • 7-color UV offset printing press with varnish coaters
  • 6-color UV offset printing press with varnish coaters
  • 5-color UV offset printing press
  • Press machine
  • Die cutter
  • Both-side full size paper inspection machine
  • Both-side blanks inspection machine
  • Folding and gluing machine
  • CTP system
  • Large-sized inkjet printer
  • UV inkjet printer
  • 8-color UV flexographic printing press
  • Winding inspection machines

Products Line

  • OTC pharmaceutical product packages
  • Ethical pharmaceutical product packages
  • General packaging
  • Soft packaging material printing
  • Cardboard boxes for transportation
  • Commercial printing
  • Promotional Items
  • Plastic bottle forming
  • Ornamental boxes
  • Overseas production commissioning
  • Product warehouse management (Foods)
  • Products Assortment and Packaging
  • Finished product inspections
  • Packaged Products delivery


Printing Business Division
Factory & Nagoya Sales Office
14-71, Yasui 4-chome, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 462-0023, Japan
Nagoya Sales Section, Printing Business Division, Kowabo Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Sales Office
6th Floor, Kowa Tokyo Branch 2nd Building, 4-10, Nihonbashi-honcho 3-chome,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
Tokyo Sales Section, Printing Business Division, Kowabo Co., Ltd.

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