Challenging Import Businesses of Products such as Ornamental Boxes

Overseas package production

Relationships with Overseas Commissioned Manufacturers

In addition to our network of companies in Japan, we utilize the Kowa Group's global network to commission overseas manufacturing of packaging and novelty goods including ornamental boxes, carrier bags and pouches. We have selected factories that have high quality and stable production facilities supervised by our Quality Assurance Department which maintains know-how relating to our pharmaceutical products. Group branches are located in the main Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong), where quality control is maintained through cooperation between our overseas representatives and local resident supervisors so as to continually seek high quality at low cost. We particularly specialize in special-shape ornamental boxes, which tends to be expensive to produce in Japan.

  • Large-volume production of various types of manufactured products is possible.
  • Meetings can be conducted in English at sales locations in Japan or overseas.
  • We have experience in producing a wide range of products, like ornamental boxes ,promotional items etc.

Business examples

Ornamental Boxes (Setup boxes)

We manufacture and import special-shape boxes such as for food products and chocolates at high quality and low cost, which is difficult in Japan.

Sewn Products

We manufacture and import high quality and highly safe sewn products.

Who would Benefit from our Proposals

  • Who wish for large-volume production of packages and ornamental boxes
  • Clients who wish to reduce costs by using overseas production
  • Clients who wish to receive proposals for giveaways
  • Clients who cannot expect to compromise on current costs for production in Japan
  • Clients who wish to discuss about overseas production

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