Challenging the "Total Package" Business

Efficient operations from package production to product packaging and distribution systems

Offering comprehensive support, from package production to food product setups and distribution

In the total package business, we receive orders for comprehensive services consisting of package manufacturing including box planning and design, food product packaging work on your behalf, and distribution (warehouse storage and shipping). This both eliminates the trouble that comes with the warehouse management and distribution business and reduces overall cost.

  • The work places used for the package production and packaging work have clean environments
  • Food sanitation managers are permanently stationed.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and ISO 27001 certification acquired
  • Support for products requiring refrigeration and freezing is provided by our subsidiary, Kowa Reizou Co., Ltd.
  • Support is available for mail-order businesses.In the mail-order business, which is expected to grow, we provide total support for detailed distribution management including handling of personal information in order to deliver many types of products to individual customer.
  • Work proxy

Product Packages

We propose shapes and designs from the planning and design stages, and manufacture and provide the packages.

Packaging Work Proxy (Packaging and Warehouse Storage)

Packaging Work

We receive your products and conduct the setup work on your behalf.

Normal temperaturesupport
Setup work
Inside the warehouse

Packaging Work for Refrigerated and Frozen Products

We receive the frozen and refrigerated products and conduct the packaging work on your behalf.

Packing Work for Chilled Products
Inside the warehouse

Distribution (Shipping)

After packaging , we ship out the products directly to the customers.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Kowa Reizou Co., Ltd., Chubu Distribution Center

Ice cream, frozen foods, dairy products, chilled foods, etc.
F Class: 29,366t, C Class: 1,064t, Total 30,430t
1-2 Kaimei Aza Atago Kita, Ichinomiya, Aichi 494-0001, Japan

Funabashi Plant

Meat, fish, frozen vegetables, frozen foods, fresh vegetables, etc.
F Class: 6,500t, C Class: 500t, Total 7,000t
3-1-5 Hamacho, Funabashi, Chiba 273-0012, Japan

Clients who would benefit from our proposals

  • Clients who wish to comprehensively review packaging supplies, packaging, and distribution costs
  • Clients who wish to increase their setup bases
  • Clients who are considering the reduction of package costs
  • Clients who are looking for setup bases and distribution bases in the Kanto region, including the Greater Tokyo area
  • Clients who are looking for refrigerated and frozen product setup bases in the Chubu region in central Japan (facilitating shipping throughout Japan)
  • Clients who wish to discuss about total packaging.

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