Environmental Policy

policy for environment

From the past, and from here on.

Kowa Group, which has its bases and markets at home and abroad as a conglomerate enterprise compounded by manufacturers and traders, has developed activities while being involved in the environment in various ways.
That is why we act by always thinking what we can do for the global environment, as companies existing on this irreplaceable earth.
We have worked for environmental preservation activities on a group-wide basis, with the objective of establishing and implementing the environmental management system (EMS) according to ISO 14001.

Environmental Policy of Kowa Multi-site Group


Kowa Group, "with an eye on the earth and the future", recognizes the importance of environmental problems and shall maintain a harmonious balance between our business activities and global environmental preservation in order to contribute to society and realize sustainable development.


Kowa Group, as a conglomerate enterprise made up of manufacturers and traders, has developed its global business activities by considering the environment in diverse ways.
We, the Kowa Group shall strive to realize our Philosophy, considering a life cycle perspective of our own activities, products and services, and developing our business activities based on the following Policy.

1. Establishment, implementation, maintenance of Environmental Management System (EMS)
Utilizing ISO14001, we shall establish our EMS, implement it and maintain it.
We shall also strive for continual improvement of our EMS in order to improve our performance.

2. Compliance with Environment-related Regulations

3. Prevention of Pollution and Protection of the Environment

  • Adequate control of chemical substances
    We shall adequately control chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Contribution to building a "Low Carbon Society"
    We shall work towards resource and energy conservation, which will lead to the prevention of climate change.
  • Contribution to establishing a "Sound Material-cycle Society"
    We shall work towards reducing waste, recycling and the effective utilization of resources in order to help realize a sound material-cycle society.
  • Promotion of Environmental Preservation Enterprises
    We shall promote both enterprises which reduce environmental impact and the handling of eco-friendly goods.
  • Consideration for Biodiversity preservation
    We shall recognize that the preservation of biodiversity is our responsibility to the next generation, and shall make efforts to avoid taking part in acts which threaten sustainability.

August 23, 2019
Kowa Group Chief EMS Officer
Akiteru Nonomura


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