Real estate business

Offering comfortable layouts and space geared toward the needs of the tenants

Business Divisions

The Real Estate Division mainly conducts property rental and management of idle land.

Rental facilities

Galleria Apita Chiryu
18-1, Ohyama, Nagashino-cho, Chiryu, Aichi
Apita Nagoya Kita
9-1, Tsuji-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi


<Kowa Reizo Co.,Ltd.>

Business Refrigerating warehouse operations, consigned freight forwarding
Date of Establishment February 20, 1950
Address 1-2 Kaimei Aza Atago-kita, Ichinomiya,
Aichi 494-0001, Japan
Capital 470 million yen
Chubu Distribution Center Succeeds in Reducing Environmental Burden

On May 23, 2015, the Chubu Distribution Center started operation of its expanded facilities which can handle 9,347 tons of cargo.
The Center features a newly-introduced cutting-edge remote monitoring system, which makes it easy to perform strict temperature control and electricity monitoring. Other new facilities include energy-saving CFC-free freezer units to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy-saving,elimination of CFCs, and LED lighting.
All of our warehouses are approved as bonded warehouses, and undertake handling of imported/exported cargo, as well as freight forwarding. You can use them as your storage/distribution bases.
Chubu Distribution Center Ice creams, as well as frozen, dairy, chilled and other foods
Facility No. 1   12,630 tons  (-25Ž, +5Ž)
Facility No. 2@ 8,450 tons  (-25Ž)
Facility No. 3@ 9,347 tons  (-25Ž)
Total 30,427 tons  (of which 1,060 tons at +5Ž)

1-2, Kaimei Aza Atago-kita, Ichinomiya, Aichi 494-0001
Tel: (0586) 47-7716 Fax: (0586) 47-7737
Meiko FactoryMeats, frozen fish, frozen vegetables and other frozen foods, chilled foods, etc.
8,970 tons (-25Ž, of which 720 tons at }0Ž)

185, Sunami-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 455-0056
Tel: (052) 652-5071 Fax: (052) 652-5073
Funabashi FactoryMeats, frozen fish, frozen vegetables and other frozen foods, fresh vegetables, etc.
6,670 tons (-25Ž, of which 670 tons at +5Ž)

3-1-5, Hama-cho, Funabashi, Chiba 273-0012
Tel: (047) 437-4081 Fax: (047) 437-5651